This sutta gathers various instructions the Buddha gave for the sake of his followers after his passing away, which makes it be a very important set of instructions. THUS HAVE I HEARD. Once the Lord was staying at Rajagaha on the mountain called Vultures’ Peak. Now just then King Ajatasattu Vedehiputta of Magadha. A historical analysis of the Mahaparinibbana Sutta of the. Digha Nikaya of the Pali Canon. by. Ven. Pategama Gnanarama Ph. D. The Mission Accomplished is .

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Venerated, they venerate him; honored, they honor him. As long as the mendicants meet in harmony, leave in harmony, and carry on their business in harmony, they can expect growth, not decline. Just as if a man were to set upright that which has been overturned, or reveal that which is hidden, or point out the right path to one who has gone astray, or bring a lamp into the darkness so that those who have eyes can see — even so, Venerable sir, has the truth been made mahaparinibbaba in many ways, by the Blessed One.

Emerging from that, he entered the second absorption.

Then Cunda went to where the Blessed One was seated, and after paying homage to him, took a seat respectfully on one side. And it seems to me, Lord, that the drift of the Dhamma is the same.

Then he went to where the Blessed One was; and when he had come there, took his seat respectfully on one side. But sir, where were you? He put up with painful feelings without flinching.


It concludes by identifying the King as a previous existence of the Buddha when he was a Bodhisatta, and the Buddha concludes by emphasising the impermanence of all conditioned things with the verse that is always recited at Buddhist funerals: Buddhaghosa tells this story: And at the end of four months, those monks mahapariibbana are established in mind may let him go mahaparinnibbana and give him ordination to the status of a monk.

Whatever I may say in answer to his questions, that he will quickly understand.

Mahaparinibbana Sutta

And mahapzrinibbana, constantly patrolling and following along a path, might not see the joins and clefts in the bastion, even such as a cat might creep through. They build a monument for the wheel-turning monarch at the crossroads.

Sjtta and pay careful attention, and I will speak. And while staying there, too, he often gave this Dhamma talk to the mendicants: This is the fourth cause and reason for a great earthquake.

He gave it up, and went to learn meditation from forest monks, gradually attaining wisdom and becoming a famous teacher. And he will quickly understand any answer I give to his question.

Let us make eight portions, good sirs, rejoicing in unity and harmony. And how is a mendicant mindful? And he made a good and fair division into eight portions, and then said to the assembly: And when the Lord [] saw this he uttered this verse: Dealing with women is a problem for celibate monks.

Then Pukkusa addressed a certain man: No such condition can exist! There the Blessed One may both drink the water, and cool his limbs. This is the fourth danger for the immoral through the loss of morality.


Mahaparinibbana Sutta (DN 16)

That was the decision made by the five hundred Arahants, and all later Buddhist Councils, so the monks of the jahaparinibbana day must also train themselves in all of the training precepts. And some of the young Licchavis were all in blue, with blue make-up, blue clothes and blue adornment, while some were in yellow, some in red, some in white, with white make-up, white clothes and mahaaparinibbana adornment.

Imperturbable, committed to peace, the sage has done his time.

Sutha has developed the four roads to power See the assembly of Licchavis, check them out: With hair disheveled and arms raised, they fall down like their feet were chopped off, rolling back and forth, lamenting: Then the Lord said: So you must take the embers.

It must however be said that in DN Surely you know our teacher? I recall having approached an assembly of hundreds of aristocrats. The precise meaning of the expression seems to be unknown, but it remains a vivid image! When the mind is imbued with wisdom it is rightly freed from the defilements, namely, the defilements mahaparinibbzna sensuality, desire to be reborn, and ignorance.

The Discourse about the Relinquishment of the Life Process.