See Lectii Chitara’s revenue, employees, and funding info on Owler, the world’s largest community-based business insights platform. Cursuri/Lectii Chitara Incepatori in Bucuresti, Bucharest, Romania. likes. Lectii de chitara pentru copii sau adulti la scoala Music Workshop. Acest curs prezinta Lectii de Chitara. Mai jos poate fi vizualizat un extras din document (aprox. 2 pagini). Arhiva contine 1 fisier docx de 58 de pagini. Profesor.

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The guitar lessons are destined to all music lovers and to those who want to acquire the art of playing this instrument, regardless of the age. The periods in which the classes are not held are posted in due time on the Boem Club site, at the notice board. Bucharest, Bitolia Cjitara no.

A lesson lasts 50 minutes and chitarz guitar lessons are individual and customized for each student. This type of lessons give you the freedom to discuss to the teacher, you can dhitara questions, systematize and learn what you want about the guitar.

As a bonuseach guitar student has the possibility to participate weekly at the theory and history of music workshops, which are held for groups of students, twice a week, on levels: Through the classes of theory and history of music you can acquire the necessary theoretical knowledge so that you can focus more at the guitar lesson on the practical part, on the playing.


The guitar lessons are held by teachers who have graduated from the Conservator, guitar.

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They are young, communicativewith experience chiara teaching this instrument according to the musical-educational principles. The guitar lessons are individualso you can register any time you want. The registration can me made through the phone or through e-mail, at our contacts. The music lessons are destined to those from Bucharestadults and childrenregardless of the age or their musical knowledge.

Both the instrument lessons piano, guitar, violin, cello and the canto and musical education for pre-school children last 50 minutes. Each class is individualthe whole attention of the teacher being focused on the student.

The theory and history of music workshops last 2 hours and take place weekly. They are structured according to the age and musical level of the students: All Boem Club students, no matters the instrument they have xhitara, have the possibility to participate at these workshops for free.

Furthermore, they have the chance to take part in the cultural manifestations organized by Boem Club: Boem Club offers its students instruments, scores, books, not only for the music classes, but for individual study as well, on the basis of a prior reservation, without any extra costs.


The accompanying persons can spend their time in a friendly environment in the waiting room which is equipped with a TV, wireless internet, books and lfctii. The way of working is customized for each student, so that the learning time will be effective and pleasant.

The music classes are held throughout the year, including summertime. lectji

Lectii de chitara

The schedule Boem Club has gives the students the possibility to schedule their music lessons between Among the advantages Boem Club offers, there is the possibility to have consecutive lessons at different instrumentsthis way saving time.

Also, for the members of the same family the music classes can be scheduled in parallelfor a better coordination of the activities. The Boem Club members form a creative, young and enthusiastic team. All the teachers have graduated from the Conservator, and they have a great lectji and singing experience.

Bucharest, Drumul Sarii no.