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Studies on the other target and bycatch species of bottom trawlers and other net fisheries that specifically target groupers in FMA were not found. Simple steaming fish technique is highly appreciated in mostly Asian, especially Chinese descent, but not for Bataknese people like my family tree. The stock is considered as one keraou unit of biomass and no attempt is made to model on an age- or length-based.

To see data for stock status, please view this site suni a desktop.

As calculated for data. Moreover, none of these MPAs have any specific plans to protect the habitat and spawning ground of groupers per se. An estimated individuals in the images were distinct individuals that belonged to at least 36 species and 18 families.

Qualitative scoring is chosen due to the lack of quantitative data. No biological reference points have been officially assessed for leopard coralgrouper in FMA There are no management objectives for the leopard coralgrouper stock s. Reported landing data for groupers are available from to This profile refers to Plectropomus leopardus leopard coralgrouper, coral trout, leopard coral trout and is known in the Indonesian fisheries trade as kerapu sunu.

Future studies on the shark and rays bycatch from snapper and grouper fisheries in more areas of Indonesian waters will be carried out in due course Dr Peter Mous,TNC Indonesia Fisheries Conservation Program, pers. Leopard coralgrouper are aggregated into reef fish group in the assessment, resulting a high level of uncertainty on the real condition of the resources. In Indonesia, we used to called this fish as kerapu lodikerapu sunu hitam or black grouper, the small blue dotted grouper called kerapu tungsin or kerapu tungsenwhile the larger blue dotted called kerapu bintang.


Official reported landings, which is official government data, has no reference to discards or bycatch. You should stop steaming any whole fish until nearly done, the remaining heat will throughly cooked the fish meat in the platter.

Leopard coralgrouper – Java Sea.

Collection of 10, large-format photos slides of dead fishes. The one-day fishing boats 5 — 10 GT would go along the nearshore waters within 30 — miles of the northern coast of Java. However, this is not the case for reef fish ketapu. Delicious steamed whole fish requires freshness as the key to avoid any fishy and muddy aromas.

FishSource – Leopard coralgrouper – Java Sea

There is no other data on exploitation rates or biomass trends for leopard coralgrouper fishery in FMA Bycatch species are usually sun-dried by the crew and sold separately, outside of the catch of snappers, groupers and emperors, which belongs to the owner of the boat and goes to the processors for middle and higher end local and export markets.

Although the landing trend of leopard coralgrouper at Indonesia level has been increasing, at the Java Sea level, however, the landing pattern trend is the reverse see Scores section for time-series data of landings. Reported landings of leopard coralgrouper in FMA also show declining trend.

Total combined reported landing of leopard coralgrouper from these eight provinces in FMA continuously decline from 1, tons to 82 tons. Reported landing data of Plectropomus leopardus were computed from 8 provinces in FMA Studies on the habitat impact of the other fishing gear that target leopard coralgrouper in FMA were not found. Therefore, the corresponding road map and recovery plans for leopard coralgrouper fishery are also non-existent.

Leopard coralgrouper Java Sea. Other species of sharks that are protected by law in Indonesia are: Within FishSource, the term “fishery” is used to indicate each unique combination of a flag country with a fishing gear, operating within a particular management unit, upon a resource.


No data available for recruitment. Fisheries Within FishSource, the term “fishery” is used to indicate each unique combination of a flag country with a fishing gear, operating within a particular management unit, upon a resource. To see data for management quality, please view this site on a desktop. Stock assessments in Indonesia are carried out by government fisheries scientists affiliated with the Research Center for Fisheries Pusriskan.

A fishery is the finest scale of resolution captured in FishSource profiles, as it is generally the scale at which kdrapu can most fairly and practically be evaluated.


To see data for catch and tac, please kerspu this site on a desktop. Fish resources are allocated into nine ecologically-related groups: Glossary Stay Informed Contact Us.

First, you should choose the freshly catch fish or live fish that swimming in the tank is preferred. Very fresh grouper steamed into perfection with savoury chinese gourmet xo sauce, a simply elegant with a kicking umami flavour.

Kerapu Sunu (Coral Trout) | rengga permana | Flickr

The official assessment advise kerspu reef fish to which leopard coralgrouper is aggregated into in FMA for Suman et al. Meanwhile, the plotted reported landing refers to the landing of leopard coralgrouper. In both fisheries, impact to habitat is nothing near the impact from destructive dragging gears i.

Assessment unit Profile Summary. Pathway to a FIP is currently being prepared, to improve, among others, the catch data quality. According to the Fisheries Act No.

Catch under-reporting has been problematic kerxpu may have impacted the fishery over time. It is merapu clear how these advices would be heeded by the fishers and controlled by the management body, since most fishing units are considered as small scale and are operated mainly using boats of GT.

Registered users can download the original data file for calculating the scores after logging in.