Africa Kills Her Sun. Ken Saro-Wiwa. Dear Zole,. You’ll be surprised, no doubt, to receive this letter. But I couldn’t leave your beautiful world. Ken Saro-Wiwa’s political satire best captures the destructive nature In Africa Kills Her Sun, Saro-Wiwa cryptically prophesies his own death. By Zaynah McAdam. Dear Bana,. It is sad that you wouldn’t get this. But I wouldn’t live with myself if I didn’t reply to your letter. Yes, I received it.

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And at the point of death! Perfect work Mr Ken I must be hard of feature and relentless in aspect. So at least to see the ocean once more. Narrated in the first person in the form of an epistolary narrative the reader realises after reading the story that Saro-Wiwa may be exploring the theme of corruption.

He should pray for the living, for those whose lives are a daily torment.

She replied that some girls chose to be secretaries in offices, others to be nurses. My time expires and I must send you all my killss.

Nor have I kept the loot. I remember the collection of Waro from Africa. But robbery is antisocial, you say? And the policeman shot at our boys. See and hear my countrymen as they cheer us to our death. Verily this is the best reply in this act of uncosummate love affair. I shall leave at least this letter, which, please, keep for posterity.


Now, today, this moment, they come flooding back to me. Pleasure in inflicting pain — sadism. I can see him puffing hard at it before the bullet cut him down. The Stadium will fill to capacity. The literature is so speaking and through it you championed the rights for the Agoni people. So no, I dint find out about your story on the copy of Guardian of 19th September that had Senator Okubo accused of stealing seven million naira, but way before that.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. A coarse and vivid reminder to always stand for the truth no matter what it costs us.

Africa kill its own intellectuals, Africa will only see the light if it cherish its sons who continuously serve her.

My corpse will not be available to you. In no time they had gotten rid of kils.

After Sunset (A reply to Ken Saro-Wiwa’s Africa Kills Her Sun) – Wamathai

That is why I have NOT forgotten you. Qiwa anything the reader senses a sense of joy among the three men. That he deserved his end?

It was my choice, my answer. Five years later I started practicing and it took me three years to start my own firm, Zole and Advocates. The men who shall have eased us out of life will then untie our bodies and dump them into a lorry and thence to some open general grave.

A stroke of genius for sure. And I want to borrow from him. Time is running out, Zole. Unknown 15 July at Their style is the stuff of which history is made. He is showing others that he has died by execution in which there may have never been a need for should his fellow countrymen have not been so corrupt.


He must have taken pity on you for what his sister did and convinced you to join his gang. So Sazan and Jimba killls die unsung. Ner about sleep, you should see Sazan and Jimba on the cold, hard prison floor, snoring away as if life itself depends on a africca snore.

Hence some considering Africa to be The Dark Continent. We volunteered to take their place. Every word is carefully chosen, carefully illustrated.

That he was a scallywag? A perfect reply to all the characters in the piece. And many will not find a place.

Africa Kills Her Sun by Ken Saro-Wiwa

Goodbye my dear friend. Unknown 9 August at They will match to their ratholes on empty stomachs, with tales enough ,ills fill a Saturday evening. Gitene Moses Mwongera 13 April at Great stuff thats the story that initiated. Greatly composed, a real work of art, great use of imagery.