Ashar 29 (July 13, ) and the Interim Constitution of Nepal The English translation is based on that which was initially done by Mr. Hereby promulgate this Interim Constitution, of Nepal, drafted through political consensus, for an interim period until a New Constitution. The Prime Minister shall appoint the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court on the recommendation of the Constitutional Council, and the Chief.

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Constitution of Council of Ministers: The compensation and basis of it and working system will be in accordance with the decision made by the law. The Constituent Assembly remaining, within the framework of this Constitution, will formulate Regulations to execute its work, to properly mange its meetings, to formulate the committees and to regulate the proceedings and other issues. No person who is accused of any offence shall be compelled to be a witness against oneself.

However, on the five angles of the flag the external angles will be equal to the internal angles.

The Prime Minister shall end the session of the Parliament in consultation with the Speaker of the Legislative-Parliament. The State shall pursue a policy of raising the standards of life of the general public by developing basic infrastructure for education, health, transportation, and housing, and provide opportunities of livelihoods for the people of all the regions through equitable distribution of economic investment for balanced development of the country.

Other matters relating to privileges not mentioned in knterim Constitution shall be as determined by law. Right to Employment and Social Security: The sovereignty and state authority of Nepal are vested in the Nepalese people.

The Interim Constitution of Nepal – 2063 (2007 AD) Part II – English

The Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the Legislative-Parliament cannot be members of the same political party. Decision as to the Disqualification of Members: Directive Principles of the State: Except the revenues of Guthi religious endowmentsall revenues received by The Nepal Government, all loans raised with revenues as collateral, all assets received while recovering a loan that was issued under the provisions of the Act and all other amounts receivable by the government shall be deposited in one government fund known as the Consolidated Fund.


If the detailed sectionwise discussion in the House is completed and after the sectionwise discussion in the committee and discussion on the report completes, then the member introducing the bill shall present a proposal to be passed by the legislature.

But, in order to obtain the citizenship on the basis of this provision pursuant to the prevalent law they will have to submit an application within the given time frame.

Make arrangements for appropriate relief, recognition and rehabilitation for the families of those killed or disabled or made unable during the course of the conflict. Anyone born and has been residing in Nepal since BS mid Chaitra within the boundary of Nepal shall be able to obtain citizenship on the basis of the prevalent laws on the basis of birth right. No person who is detained during investigation or for enquiry or for trial or for any other reason shall be subjected to physical or mental torture, nor shall be given any cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment.

Estimates of Revenues and Expenditures: The State shall pursue the policy of gradually speeding the pace of rural development taking into consideration the interest of the vast rural population.

If at any time, except when the Legislative House is in session, the Nepal Government is satisfied that such circumstances exist which render it necessary to take immediate action, without prejudicing the provisions set forth in this Constitution, then it may promulgate any Ordinance as deemed necessary.

The Interim Constitution of Nepal – ( AD) Part II – English | Canada Foundation for Nepal

No discrimination in regard to remuneration shall be made between men and women for the same work. Actions in pursuant to clause 1 shall be punishable by the law and any person so treated shall be compensated in accordance to the decision determined by law Right to Information: The Nepaal of Minister shall form a special committee for the monitoring, adaptation and rehabilitation of the combatants of the Maoist Army, and the functions, duties and powers of the committee shall be as determined by the Council of Ministers.

The Chairperson and Vice Chairperson post shall be vacant in ne;al following conditions: Until the time such regulation is framed, the House shall itself regulate inteerim operational procedure.

Restructure the State to make it inclusive, democratic and forward-looking. Son and daughter shall have equal rights to their ancestral property.


Remuneration and Other Privileges: No discussion shall be held in the House about anything done by a Judge in course of performance of his duties regarding a case which is under consideration in any court of Nepal. End discriminations relating to class, race, language, sex, culture, religion, region, and constktution present centralized and unitary model, to address the problems of women, dalits, indigenous and ethnic groups, Madhesis, the disadvantaged and minority groups.

Except conztitution otherwise provided in this Constitution, all questions submitted for decision in the House shall be decided by a majority vote of the members present.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Every child shall have the right against physical, mental or any other form of exploitation.

Nepal – Interim Constitution of Nepal, ().

Short title and commencement: The work division and work execution of the Nepal Government shall be as per the approved regulation of the Nepal Government. The State shall develop agriculture as an industry by encouraging farmers and increasing agricultural productivity, and create a favourable atmosphere to improve economic conditions of majority of the people dependent on agriculture.

Vacation of the Seat of Members: All laws inconsistent with it shall, to the extent of such inconsistency, be void.

The right to proceed in the manner set forth in Article for the enforcement of the rights conferred by this Part is guaranteed.

Every citizen shall have the following freedoms: The Prime Minister can, on the recommendation of the concerned political party, appoint the Minister of State from amongst the members of Legislative-Parliament.

Power to remove difficulties: The State shall also prioritize special arrangements for the protection of environment and endangered wildlife species by not allowing physical development activities to exert negative impact on environment, and generating awareness on environmental cleanliness.

The State shall pursue a policy of uplifting economically and socially backward indigenous ethnic groups, Madhesis, Dalits, including marginalized communities, labourers and farmers living below poverty line by making provisions for reservations on education, health, housing, adequate food and livelihoods for a fixed period of time.