Priceonomics is the author of Hipster Business Models ( avg rating, ratings, 10 reviews, published ), The Content Marketing Handbook ( av.. . Priceonomics: Everything is Bullshit. July 20, pm by Barry Ritholtz. I am about halfway through this, whose title reminded me of Sturgeon’s Law (90% of. Everything Is Bullshit – A Book by Priceonomics: The greatest scams on Earth revealed. Read the opinion of 6 influencers.

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Or the right way to phrase something. JVIDEL on June 25, I think part of the problem is that some services’ TOS evsrything give users the option to restrict access to their information so if you go and scrap it that might cause problems to the startup where that content was posted to.

The Content Marketing Bootcamp

When the book went live this morning we emailed all of them letting them know it was up there. The priceonomice is a mixture of brand new essays as well as some of our favorite older ones. We mentioned that the blog was gaining traction and that we suspected that it could everythjng bigger than an established site like the The New Yorker if we had a dozen or so writers. The team there has a very strong editorial focus. I guess what I find new is the how easy it has become to print stuff these days, e.

They know that society, even today, does not condone that kind of language around young children. We crawl the web to find data and occasionally publish reports about that data on this blog. I smell a new post!!! The fourth section, however, is about regular people taking advantage of each other or being put in untenable situations and having to get through them.


Priceonomics (Author of Everything Is Bullshit)

LoganCale on June 26, You don’t question everything, you examine some things in great detail. Just put this book with the rest of your magazines. Look, if one of these kids, who thinks it’s cool to put words like “Fuck” and “Bullshit” in the title of a blog or e-book, were priceoonomics walk into a five star restaurant that requires fancy attire and start dropping the F-bomb, they’d be asked to leave or at a minimum generate some annoyance and disruption.

I bought several books for Kindle on impulse this way. I would love piceonomics see it. If Gutenberg’s invention of technology giving people access to books was bulllshit revolution, it would make sense that technology that gives people access to printing presses is also going to cause a stir.

I do most of my reading while walking or washing dishes these days. OrwellianChild on June 25, Looks like they read priceonomica own guest posts Our Day return guarantee still applies. I know she’ll privately be speaking that way amongst her friends and peers.

The greatest scams on Earth revealed Priceonomics.

Everything Is Bullshit: A Book by Priceonomics | Hacker News

We need bhllshit people like you Brian. I’d consider their editorial process to be at least as rigorous as that of any national publication I’ve written for. The publisher varies between books – the xkcd book for example was published by breadpig: Hacker News new comments show ask jobs submit.

What were your margins like in the end? Kiro on June 25, Maybe you can use that topic for an upcoming blog post. The joys of Amazon. The beauty of it, IMO, is not just calling out everythjng — but using it as the starting point, and explaining how bullshit works in specific contexts, and why it exists.


Some of these, like the xkcd and the DinosaurComics books, are repackaged webcomics, some of those are ‘originals’ that didn’t appear online before.

For anyone that wants to skim them: Use this to build the Priceonomic brand and not as a revenue structure.

I’ve enjoyed Priceonomics blog posts and will probably get the book. These reports are popular among readers, but their principal purpose is to generate interest from hedge funds and tech companies that need feeds of data crawled from the web. OrwellianChild on June 25, Never apologise for that. Plus you can always tell a sock puppet review when they don’t actually mention content and say things like “Greatest Book Evah” instead.

JetSpiegel on June 25, Parents have different points of view on vaccines too, and I don’t see people defending anti-vaccination rhetoric as “different points of view”.

I have never so quickly impulse bought a kindle book. Someone might encounter a word! ChuckFrank on June 27, More over, I believe Kevin Kelly’s true fans model is what most people should be aiming for in the future. Sections of this page.

Everythinf all for eBooks, but there is something about the printed book that makes me more likely to want to pay for it Looks like they read their own guest posts It seems like the Amazon reviews might be stacked.

Search Results Results 1 -3 of 3. Ships with Tracking Number! Everything Is Bullshit is our first book, and likely not our last.