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Unamuno has abandoned the Carlist motive, though he kept tackling the phenomenon in his treaties and studies. Atxaga or Landaluce, Carlist protagonists seem to be treated with particular sympathy; they also usually convey more or less explicit message about absurdity of civil wars.

They are scattered across various periodicals and in the volume Nimias Propaganda, testimonio y memoria creativaAlicantep. Novels where Carlism is granted more than a negligible role are few. Two such Carlist-related anthologies are available for rhymes in Castellano and in Euskara ; [44] both demonstrate overwhelming support for the Carlist cause among the rural folk, though principally among the Basques.

It is difficult to find either particular sympathy or particular hostility for the movement, yet many scholars claim that the key protagonist considered Conrad’s alter-ego was cynically used by Carlist conspirators. One of them is dubbed “the Carlist anthem” by later scholars, [79] yet it seems it has never been printed and was re-constructed on basis of Verdaguer’s manuscripts.

The case is presented by a story of longtime rivalry between two Navarrese families, a Carlist and a Liberal one. Two genres serving as key literary battlefields were poetry and drama, the most adapt ones in terms of responsiveness. Carlist identity in Navarre as a mobilising model[in: In terms of the Carlist theme, the literary works fall into two rubrics.

Joan Bardina i Lo Mestre Titas[in: Following a brief discussion whether he should be executed, the year-old got off with a punch in the face. In fact, for him Carlism was an element in a dialectic process of forming national identity and as such could not have been simply ignored or rejected.

A activation email has been sent to you. In terms of key themes the ones listed are: His political militancy made him par excellence the Spanish Liberal Crusader; [73] as such, he intended to demonstrate what damage Carlism had inflicted upon the nation.


Another foreigner who demonstrated interest in Carlism was Pierre Benoit teixkd, one of the most-read French writers of the 20th century and himself a Traditionalist; he adhered to its specific secular breed, in France shaped by the personality of Charles Maurras. He was identified, personally and as enemy of religion and Carlism, and at a roadside he was held by the Carlists at gunpoint.

An analytical intellectual, she diagnosed that in culture dominated by mass media the dissemination was key, and Carlism would antonnio better served by simple but popular novels rather than by great sophisticated works read by few. No Romantic work touching upon the Carlist subject is considered part of the great Spanish literature.

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No title from arhe French belles-lettres is quoted as related. The Spanish Civil War is immensely popular as a setting for contemporary narrative prose and as a matter of literary discourse. The Carlist theme attracted also few less-known writers, though. Working Papers on English Studies 23p. To access your account information you need to be authenticated, which means that you need to enter your password to confirm that se are indeed the person that the cookie claims you to be.

In terms of Carlist motives the key difference between Modernism and earlier literary eras was that the movement ceased to be perceived as a direct threat. The Arrow enccilopedia Gold seems heavily based on these juvenile experiences, yet Carlism serves mostly as a background evoking an atmosphere of mystery.

It remains striking that in the European Romantic literature, always in pursuit of a myth, Carlism has been largely ignored, [47] save for the French legitimist poets like Edouard Turquety or Juliette Lormeau.

Ciro Bayo [] released Dorregaray. Similarly, no great or even not-so-great work of English literature refers to the Carlist War.


Subscribe to our newsletter Some error text Name. Banking on his first-hand experience he released a unique novel on Anarchist terrorism, Memorias de un terrorista: This confrontation was not necessarily symbolic; in numerous works and statements Unamuno openly praised civil war as means of overcoming dialectic differences.

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The latter is a grotesque person from a zarzuela, a clown, a hypocrite, or simply a fool, both being despotic power-hungry fanatics. The former features a patriarch Basque Carlist who decides to join the gudaris[] the latter pictures a girl from a well-off family who has to overcome resistance of her Carlist relatives to marry a simple worker, a Basque nationalist.


From his Nietzschean perspective Carlism was the movement of the weak, animated by the Church and luring those unable to become “men of action”. Email address subscribed successfully. Others simply follow the sequence set by the centuries, see Felipe B.

Carlism in literature

Today it enjoys some popularity, though no longer as catalyst of paramount cultural or political discourse; its role is mostly to encicllpedia exotic, historical, romantic and sometimes mysterious setting. Literary production of the Republicans remained far lower than on the opposite side; in none of some 30 works identified there is a Carlist personaje worth noting, [] though some feature Carlist themes, like A sangre y fuego by Manuel Chaves Nogales [] or Loretxo by Txomin Arruti Minervae Baeticae 21p.

This is especially the case of El Quijote carlistaa poem which gained sort of iconic status in the Carlist realm [] and is itself — like in case of del Burgo’s late poems — a demonstration of pessimism if not defeatism among the Carlists. Heavily attracted to rural vitality, at times primitive and brutal yet authentic, he lamented that it got hijacked by ideology powered by the priests, with the result of “double bestiality of being a Catholic and a Carlist”.

Following the incident Baroja was detained and spent a night in the Guardia Civil prison in the nearby Santesteban, yet he seemed to prefer this option, as he felt safer in prison than among the Carlists. The poets [14] responded to the conflict enciclopdeia as fast as authors of theatrical pieces did.

Joan Bardina during his Carlist phase in the s fathered politically very militant and exalted poems [] and satires, yet they remain unknown even in the Catalan literature. For detailed discussion compare e.