and find homework help for other Death the Leveller questions at eNotes. 1 educator answer; Interpretation of “Death the Leveller” by James Shirley? As the title suggests, Shirley’s poem is a statement about the inevitable finality of death. The poem Death the Leveller by James Shirley is structured into three stanzas with eight lines each. The understanding of the poem is. Death the Leveller has 2 ratings and 1 review. John said: An accurate but pretty depressing look at death, and how it comes for one and all. The last lin.

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In this poem, death is personified to showcase that everyone has to face it sooner or later and no one can be permanent victor as everyone has to die when times comes.

Summary and Analysis of the poem ‘Death the Leveller’ by James Shirley | from my perception

The poem opens with glint of optimism praising the glory of blood and state but soon takes a darkly philosophical turn stating that nothing last forever. Atheistic view is projected throughout the poem keeping faith at the highest staple.


It is a very pessimistic poem telling us that nothing is under our control and discourages us to look forward at better aspects of life.

As pessimistic as it sounds, it is a very practical and social poem respecting humanity and spreading awareness of equality. No matter whom we are and how dearly we hold to our power and pelf one day we shall be buried under the same earth as every other human being. Royal or traitor, kind or cruel, rich or poor, black or white and all those segregation means nothing to death and after we die what remain of us is shirlwy in the soil.

Some people consider themselves invincible after winning few battles and conquering some land. They plant fresh laurels to show off their victor but blinded by earthly luxuries they fail to realize neither they nor their laurels will last, at the touch of death nothing will mean anything. Neither their power, nor their riches or their name or fame will jamea boasting worthy as death claims their soul and their body is left to be laid in cold tomb and buried deep.

However, one thing that remains is their deeds hidden in some levekler corner of human memory which shall forever be treasured. It gives us a realistic picture of life and death, stating that everyone is equal and no one can challenge fate. Like Liked by 1 person.


Death the Leveller

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Death the Leveller by James Shirley

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