Download Latest Version clonezilla-livewily-amdiso ( MB) Get is a reference document that shows the basic uses of Clonezilla Live. Its name is following the pattern. H French, select pc/azerty/French/Same as X11 (latin 9)/Standard). 4. Learn how to use the open source Clonezilla Live cloning software to Several methods, manual and automatic, are generally available to.

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This option is only supported in SystemRescueCd Using the timezone parameter, you can set it to your local zone, e. Select the default, and you will get the language and keyboard layout settings. Figure 10 shows the summary and progress updates you’ll receive after you clpnezilla the choice.

clonezillaa To achieve this, use -j0 use dd to create partition table and -t1 client restores the prebuilt MBR from syslinux. Do not specify this if you want to use dhcp default. This option has been introduced in SystemRescueCd This way you won’t be prompted for the keyboard configuration during the boot.

Because Clonezilla supports various file system formats and is integrated with partition cloning tools such as ntfsclone, partclone, partimage, and dd, the priority order of the tools to use frenhc be set for the current file system. This changes the auto-login on virtual terminals to use the experimental live-getty code. Boot xlonezilla Here is the complete list of recognized boot parameters by live-initramfs. Booting a linux system means loading a kernel, which is actually the operating system.

This parameter disables the creation of the default user completely.

For information on activating speakupsee the speakup info page. Computers with smaller memory won’t be able to boot this way. Hardware, drivers and troubleshooting options dodebug: Virtualization solutions can have several benefits: For a Windows system image, the option -rm-win-swap-hib saves backup and restore time by excluding the swap and hibernation files. If you want to assing eth0 with IP address This option causes live-initramfs to reboot without attempting to eject the media and without asking the user to remove the boot media.


Clonezillz a consequence computers with less than MB of memory won’t be able to boot this way. With the above options, clonezilpa have the following examples: In our dochmentation, each CD SystemRescueCD and Clonezilla Live accept a different set of parameters, because they are based on gentoo and debianrespectively. Makes initramfs boot process more verbose. You could also specify console layout, variant, code, and options no defaults.

If only 2 lowercase letter are specified like “it”the “maybe wanted” locale is generated like en: Please read ffrench section about isoloop for more details.

You can use this option if you want to configure the network using these commands. The backup and restore processes both use the ocs-sr tool; after completing the settings through the Fremch GUI wizard, the tool shows you the ocs-sr command with the necessary parameters for achieving the same result from the command line.

Clonezilla-SysRescCD – Documentation: Boot parameters

It’s simple and fast, and it should be useful for software developers, system administrators, and support engineers who want to analyze a system copy while maintaining the original one unchanged and avoid possible hardware mismatch challenges. One of their roles is to pass the necessary doccumentation to the operating system kernel and initialize the drivers properly during the system boot phase.

Make sure that the image repository has enough free space to store the data within the system partition. You can split images into multiple volume files to avoid maximum file-size limits.

Migrate to a virtual Linux environment with Clonezilla

Here is how you can specify which interface is using which mac address on a machine with two network interfaces: The contents of prep-lsi. In case of problems related to your hard disk, try to enable this option eg rescuecd all-generic-ide nodmraid: Clonezilla is an open source GPL Norton Ghost-like duplication and clone solution that you can use to clone a particular partition or entire disk.


Next, you have to select the image directory where the backup image writes to or restores from, as shown in Figure 1. TYPE supported so far are “aes” for loop-aes encryption type. This is easier for you to debug. Sign in or register to add and subscribe to comments. By default, Debian systems do assume that the hardware clock is set to UTC.

The following info comes from the page titled The boot parameters for Clonezilla live.

This options forces the system to configure the VNC-server and to start it automatically at boot time. If “nofiles” is specified, only filesystems with matching labels will be searched; no filesystems will be traversed looking for archives or image files.

Instead of using the default optional file “filesystem. VMware Server is a free proprietary platform that provides support for multiple guest operating system types from Windows, Linux, Solaris, etc. If found, it will docuumentation a writable environment, using aufs, for Debian like systems to boot from.

You can can specify what interface name to give to a particular interface using frwnch mac address.

After the boot process, the connection is required the access to the root system. The ssh-serversamba-serverand nfs-server options are useful when you have a network connected, and local disk free space or a backup image is not available.