Book of Enchantments. Patricia C. Wrede, Author Point Fantasy $ (p) ISBN Book of Enchantments. Buy this book. Amazon. From a master storyteller comes this collection of ten new and exciting stories, including a tale about a wizard’s daughter who can change chestnuts into gold. This collection of short stories featuring enchantments offers a surprisingly varied selection. Most of the stories are set in a place of high fantasy–long ago and far.

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He is insisting on speaking with His Majesty.

I feel that, like me, others just don’t give short stories a chance often. The horror of the process of making the magic harp is somewhat understressed in traditional versions–and the middle sister is not found in most versions, either.

Book of Enchantments Cover of the first edition. When Elyssa refuses to stay in the clearing admiring the unicorn’s beauty and making garlands for him to wear, the unicorn becomes angry and holds her there by magic.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Notes about where her story ideas originated from: Mendanbar, Cimorene, and Daystar with the input of Willin decide that a tournament which includes a cooking segment would be the best way to figure this out.

Really, it turns out, the unicorn is the fifth wheel. A king named Evan Rydingsword, whose land is threatened by a powerful enemy and torn apart by war, goes to ask the powerful Earthwitch, wrde person who channels the raw power erede the Earth, for help. Those familiar with the genre will find it even funnier. He arrives to discover that it is his old lover, Mariel, not a crone as he expected.


Over the course of the series Cimorene fights wizards by dumping buckets of soapy water with a bit of lemon on them, making large quantities of cherries wrdde for dragons, and giving Rumpelstiltskin’s great, great, great, great, great grandchild.

The Sixty-two Curses of Caliph Arenschadd – this was probably my least favorite one.

I haven’t tried this. Arven, a woodcutter and a widower, is surprised one evening by a young man begging his assistance to break into the tower, but things are not what they seem. Dalton Booksellers, and finally at the Dayton Hudson Corporation headquarters.

Loved the reference to Two Sisters, though. It’s the wrfde of digging and analysis that I naturally do as a reader, wondering what about the bone harp caught the author’s attention enough to give it a role in two of the stories one as a side note, one as the full taleand why she’d choose to mix werewolves with Arabian Nights.

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While a few of the stories may have messages that are a bit too subtle for the intended audience, the volume as a whole should have high appeal for fantasy lovers and might lure some newcomers to the genre. Interesting characters, but too brief for any real substance.

The unicorn definitely feels like the kind of tricky thing you’d find in the Enchanted Forest. Oct 26, Pamela D rated it og liked it Shelves: A fantastic collection for young readers who like not your average fantasy. Interesting twist to a traditional tale. They turn me off, for some reason. Pxtricia loved this book as a middle schooler, and feel like it still holds up!



It’s a funny, sweet story, though, with the clever humor and nook narrative that I liked so much in Searching for Dragons. I never would have thought of the correlation myself, but after knowing that I definitely see the parallels. Rikki, in gratitude for the daughter’s kindness, gives her the ability to produce gold chestnuts from the empty chestnut bag.

The Lorelei has been toying with Dan, allowing him to escape nearly to the road before calling him back to the cliffs enchantmebts her singing. The Earthwitch has been getting glimpses of her next visitor’s plight but doesn’t quite know the whole story until he gets there.

Book of Enchantments by Patricia C. Wrede | Scholastic

Elyssa is annoyed but decides to make the best of it. There is a retelling of sleeping beauty, and retelling of the story of the harp of bones, but also telling of tales that A fun follow-up to the Enchanted Forest Chronicles.

The Enchanted Forest story, however, did feel a little out of place next to the other stories, which were not as light. How do you find the proper wielder of the Frying Pan of Doom?

patrucia Makes you think, in the same way as Jodi Picoult 4. All in all, this was a solid collection of short stories, highly recommended for teens and adults who are young at heart.