I came across “Perfectionnement Italien” on the Assimil website and listened to a sample lesson- I could understand the spoken Italian with no. Buy Assimil Language Courses: Perfectionnement Italien Intermediate/Advanced Italian for French Speakers (book only) (French and Italian Edition) by (ISBN. Assimil Language Courses: Le Perfectionnement de l’Italien (Advanced Italian for French Speakers) / 4 Audio Compact Discs Audio CD – 1 Jan

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Apprendre le français

All about language programs, courses, websites and other learning resources. Perfectionnement Italien or similar?

I’m at an intermediate level of the language and want to improve my skills before delving into French, my next target language. I’ve itzlien much finished Assimil Italian With Ease and, typographical errors notwithstanding, I’ve found it to be an excellent program. I’d like to continue with Assimil, perfectionneent they don’t produce anything in English or Spanish for intermediate or advanced learners.

I came across “Perfectionnement Italien” on the Assimil website and listened to a sample lesson- I could understand the spoken Italian with no problem. I think it would be a great course for me, but the problem is that the explanations are in French. I only have a basic level perfectioonnement French. Could I get any use out of it? Is there something else you might recommend?

Incidentally, I own a copy of Assimil French with Ease and, at some point, I want to go through that course as well. I don’t, however, want my Italian skills to suffer along the way.

Should I continue Italian with a French-based course, or should I do the French perfectionnenent first and then move on to “Perfectionnement Italien”? Or is there assimll other strategy you might recommend?

I don’t want to study too many languages at once as my time is limited and I always have to keep up with my Spanish too, which is infinitely better than my Italian but still in need of maintenance.

Thanks in advance for your responses! If you wish to advance to the Intermediate Level, at some point in your studies you will have to begin using “native materials” and simply “slug it out” like the rest of us.


So then, you could approach “Perfectionnement Italien” as a collection ” graded dialogues ” for which a transcription is conveniently provided. So, with the aid of a dictionary and a simple grammar, you could use this course. Taking on such challenges, as my uncles used to assure me, would “make a man of ya, put hair on your chest!

If you find the prices too elevated, you could always purchase a copy of this course under its previous title, ” Living Language Italian All The Way 2 “. From my experience with the series, about the only differences between the two titles would be change to the Euro.

Italian ” is not quite as developed as the “Ultimate Advanced” course, it does move the student “in the direction of” the Intermediate Level. One approach might be: Although they have their detractors, I am quite fond of the “Think” audio magazines There are numerous issues raised by your question as to which path to follow. Obviously, the time that you devote to studying an additional language must be “stolen” from the time that you would otherwise devote to your current area of studies.

The matter of the possible interference in studying two related languages French, Italian can be off-set by the benefits of numerous cognates, similar grammar, etc.

Perfectionnement Italien

Many people report that, if they have already achieved a level of B1 in their ‘first’ second language, the interference poses no particular problem. As to be expected, just as many people report that they ‘enjoy’ the interference that accompanies studying two related languages. Although numerous serious studies exist on the subject, as for statistical probabilities, they are meaningless in the case of an individual event. Sorry, but it’s up to you! The above text has been edited to include the ‘Addendum’ and to correct my habitual typographical, grammatical, and perfectionnemenr errors.

In general I really like learning a new language from an L2 base – I find I translate back into English much less in my head, and just let the language exist on it’s own. And Assimil works really well when the base-language and target language are both in the Romance family.


The biggest challenge with this approach perfectiknnement that some Assimil lessons are heavily idiomatic, and I won’t understand the meaning either in Perfectionnmeent or in the target language.

Perfectionnement Italien | Mantano Store | Assimil

One perfectionnnement which might work for you is to use the Italian-based French program, Il Francese senza sforzo. This will keep your Italian active while you work on French, and afterwards you can move forward to the perfectionnement series.

I’m not sure how much further than Assimil it will take me, but I like the fact that it’s online and that there seem to be plenty of exercises with it. Many of the other resources listed also look promising. I guess it wouldn’t be a bad idea to do the French Assimil course from an Italian base either My goals in Italian are peerfectionnement get as far as B2.

I’m not quite there yet. With French, I’d like to get further but I’m starting from a lower base. What intrigues me, however, is how easily I can read it at this point.

I’ll definitely look into all these resources for Italian and, once I’m solidly intermediate, I’ll dive into French I’m already dabbling a bit in this language, but I’m trying to resist the perfectionnementt so that Perfectkonnement can achieve my goals in each. I have removed my misclassified post and left an explanatory post in its place.

Apprendre le français rapidement et facilement avec ASSIMIL

Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea perfectkonnement culpa. My apologies to JacobTwho had raised an important point. Who is online Users browsing this forum: